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"...Und weil ihr songwriterpop so eingängig ist, ohne dabei belanglos zu sein, haben wir auch was davon."

-  Brigitte (Sky Wide Open)

"Das Ergebnis sind elf unaufgeregter Songs von zeitloser Schönheit, perlender Leichtigkeit, und zauberhaften Harmoninen"

-  Akustik Gittarre (Bittersweet Sessions)

So you made it here...seems you might be interested in finding out some more information about my life huh? Well, in a nutshell I'm an American who has spent most of her life in Germany. My fateful decision to live here allowed for me to raise 2 beautiful, worldly children and write hundreds and I mean hundreds of songs. It's what I love to do and if you're lucky you've heard one that speaks directly to your soul.  Hey...I wrote it just for you!

EVA is a New Yorker in Hamburg, an incredibly creative mind, bursting with energy and ideas. She writes her own lyrics and music and came up with the live session concept for her albums and coerced many amazing musicians to join her. She is at home performing her music in little clubs or in front of 30,000 people opening for Westernhagen. , EVA always wins people over. It’s not only because of her music,  it’s her personality and her natural abilities as a performer that catch your attention. You will rarely witness such enthusiasm and joy on stage as with EVA and her musicians. It is definitely a culmination of EVA following her own path and being true to her voice when composing and performing. One can only be genuine if what is being represented is what  one truly lives.

EVA’s been in love with music since her early childhood days, however, she first went to college in New York. Whilst working as a model, in order to finance her studies, she was approached by an Italian A&R manager, recorded a single – but then decided to first proceed with her studies.
She then ended up in Germany and decided to attempt a career in music but would only pursue the thought of making music if it would mean she would write the songs. So she taught herself guitar and began expressing herself through songs and lyrics. She managed to get herself a record deal with Warner Music in 2003 and tried to release her album "Imported" but it was too late. The industry took on a whole new momentum and so she took over by recording and releasing 2 more albums and an EP over the years. These she recorded in a "Live" atmosphere with her amazing team of musicians. Kevin Bents (who had worked with Steely Dan and the Spin Doctors), Fontaine Burnnett (played with Chaka Khan, Marla Glen and Wynton Marsalis), Doug Yowell (long-time drummer of Suzanne Vega), Gabriel Gordon (guitarist for Natalie Merchant)  and Ari Hest.


"Bittersweet Sessions", "Sky Wide Open", "The 70's" , "50/50" , and "A to Z through Germany" are works of a woman who wishes to share her thoughts and feelings with music. It is a language that exists all on it's own and she revels in the ability to create something on that plain. Her songs are so warm and full of human emotion that you want to wrap yourself in them like a warm blanket. Her attitude is that of a woman who is in the middle of life but does not presume she can influence the ways of the world. She just paints colors of songs that float on the breeze.

In addition to her musical creations EVA has now partnered up with dynamic companies and individuals who together with her believe in a greater future for our children. Topics like world peace, sustainable food production, educational outreach and climate awareness are all a part of her exciting future . Be sure to check out the "Projects"!!

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